Charity Crypto Croco


The extermination of crocodiles will lead to the extinction or decline of herbivores and animals located on the lower branches of the food chain. Diseases will destroy them within half a century. We can say that predators get rid of weak, sick and dead animals.

A similar example of the extermination of this animal could be observed in 1906 in Arizona (USA), the Kaibab plateau was declared a protected area. They took out all the pets from there and destroyed all the predators there. In 1920, there were about 60,000 deer in this territory, and 45 years later their number increased to 100,000! But soon the number of deer began to decline sharply – tenfold! There were no predators – the deer destroyed themselves. Having multiplied uncontrollably, they ate and trampled clean all pastures, spread various diseases among themselves. It was necessary to ban hunting of predators urgently so that they would correct the situation!

About Us

Our collection consists of 3333 NFT, where the main character is a crocodile.

Initially, the idea of the project was to help these animals. Active work is already underway with the Wildlife Protection Fund, to which 25% of the funds will be donated after the mint + the same percentage from each royalty.

Now we are also putting a lot of emphasis on marketing, soon there will be a huge number of collaborations. There are also plans to collaborate with Lacoste, we saw that this company took part in helping these animals.

We are not going to stop at crocodiles, we plan to help other animals as well. The goal is to donate 100000$


The NFT collections in our project will be minted on Solana.

We chose Solana because of its ability to handle large volumes of transactions, low transaction costs and a strong development team supporting the project. We see in Solana the potential to provide the infrastructure of the Metaverse.

You will need Solana tokens and a browser wallet to store your Solana tokens. We strongly recommend a phantom wallet for this purpose. Please make sure that there are enough Solana tokens in your wallet for minting and an additional buffer to pay transaction fees.

3,333 Crypto Crocodile. A randomly generated collection on the Solana blockchain.

We have a planned mint date, but we want to keep it a secret! But we will definitely notify our participants in all our social networks in advance! We want everyone to be able to make some kind of donation, we will not overstate the cost.

Mint will happen on Magic Eden Launchpad and after that all collection will be able to selling on secondary market.